Woman Puts Puppy Training Pads in Bathroom for Boyfriend With Bad Aim
  • A couple who have been together for a year, decided to move in together amid the pandemic.
  • She lives alone and he has roommates so he moved in with her.
  • She noticed that every night and morning when she uses the bathroom the floor is wet.
  • When she brought it up to her boyfriend he chalked it up to “bad aim.”
  • She brought it repeatedly and each time he apologized and continued with his bad aim.
  • Not wanting to argue anymore she decided to get creative. She cut up her dog’s training pads and taped it around the bottom of the toilet.
  • When her boyfriend saw it he was offended and said she was calling him a dog and comparing him to an animal.
  • Was she wrong or was she being smart in an effort to avoid arguing?

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