The Hand Gesture Kids Use Today To Pretend They’re On The Phone Is Making Older Generations Sob

So when you show someone you’re on the phone you stick out your thumb and pinky and put it up to your ear right?  But if you’re under 20 you have no idea why that’s a phone!  Kids today put their whole hand to their face to show they’re on the phone! Picture a slap about to connect…kids are weird!  What else do you do that kids don’t understand – I told my 9 year old to hang up the phone and he’s like “Where do you want me to hang it?”

Other sayings/gestures that have changed:

“Pause the video game!”  Games like Fortnite are live and can’t be paused.

“Roll Down the window” Remember the crank going round and round?  Our Groove van doesn’t even have a window crank!