Target is now the latest retail retailer to pull its LBGTQ merchandise and either move it to a less prominent location in the store or take it down all together.

In a statement released by the chain’s home office, Target said it is reacting to threats they have received in advance of Pride Month, and their reaction is in consideration for the safety of its employees.

Displays that were in the front of the stores have been moved to the back, in some cases, and in others items were removed, although the chain is not saying specifically what items are affected. 

Target officials say some stores were attacked by angry customers who destroyed Pride displays such as swimsuit fashions described as being “tuck friendly”: swimsuits that allow trans women to hide their mail reproductive organs if they have not had gender affirming surgery.

This comes on the heels of Gay Rights activists issuing a travel advisory that the State of Florida should be avoided by LGBTQ individuals because the state is unfriendly to those individuals.

-Tony Lee