Groove Summer Bash General Info and FAQs


  • All ages are welcome.
  • General Admission $35/$40 Day of; VIP $50/$60 Day of
  • The venues gates open at 5:00pm.
  • Everyone is subject to search on entry.
  • No re-entry.
  • The show will take place rain or shine.
  • Event ends on or before 10:00pm.
  • No RV parking is allowed in any onsite parking lots.
  • Food and beverages will be available.


  • Chapsticks
  • Cigarettes (Sealed / Unopened) – only allowed in smoking section
  • Contact Lens Solution (Eye Drops)
  • Digital Cameras (Non-Pro)
  • Disposable Cameras
  • Ear Plugs
  • E-cigs / Vapes
  • Hats
  • Lighters
  • Misters (Empty, Plastic, Small/Personal Sized)
  • Small Beach Towels
  • Strollers (For Infants/Toddlers Only)
  • Sun Block (non aerosol)


  • x Abusive, Foul or Disruptive Language and Obscene Gestures
  • x Audio Recording Devices
  • x Balloons, Balls, Inflatable Balls, Frisbees
  • x Bicycles
  • x Chains / Chain Wallets
  • x Coolers
  • x Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
  • x Drones, Remote Control Aircraft, Toys or Cars
  • x Fighting / Explosives / Flammable Liquids
  • x Flags
  • x Laser Pointers
  • x Outside Food or Beverage
  • x Over Intoxication or Signs of Impairment Related to Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • x Pets
  • x Professional Cameras / Video Cameras
  • x Selfie Sticks
  • x Squirt Guns
  • x Tents / Tarps
  • x Totems
  • x Umbrellas (Beach, Rain, etc.)
  • x Unauthorized Solicitations, Flyers, Sampling, Give Aways, etc.
  • x Weapons of any Kind (Includes Guns, Ammo, Pocket Knives, Pepper Spray, etc.)
  • x Wagons or Wheeled Carts
  • x Any Item Deemed Inappropriate by Security

FAQS – General FAQs 

  1. How do I ask a questions I don’t see answered on this websites?
  2. How can I get information about having a booth there?
  3. Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at the events?
    • Not at this time. Thanks for checking. If we change our minds we will be sure to post.
  4. Will you be posting set times in advance?
    • TBD
  5. Can I bring a chair or blanket inside the festival? What kind of chair is OK?
    • Blankets are allowed.  Folding lawn chairs ok.
  6. Are there lockers at the festival?
    • No.
  7. Are credit cards accepted?
    • To purchase tickets to event: yes.  Food & Beverage vendors: varies.

What Can I Bring? 

  • What if I need to bring my medical prescription (i.e. insulin)? 
    • Please identify yourselves to security while you are waiting to enter the festival. Security will locate our medical personnel whom will assist you in storing and providing a secure area for your medication.
    • ALL medical prescriptions and accompanying names on the prescriptions will need to match the person’s proper ID.
  • What are considered professional cameras and professional digital cameras? 
    • Any camera with a removable/detachable lens.
  • Are strollers allowing in the venue? 
    • Yes. But, only if it’s for an infant or toddler.
  • Are E-Cigs or Vape Pens Allowed?
    • Single use minis (aka cig-a-likes) are okay. Mid-sized e-cigs and vape pens are okay. However, no liquid refills will be allowed into the venue. If you’re not sure if your kind is allowed, then just assume it’s not.

What’s at the event? 

  • Will there be restrooms available? 
    • Yes
  • Will I be able to find security, if needed? 
    • Yes.
  • Will there be ATMs on site? 
    • No
  • Will there be a lost & found? 
    • Yes, at the main Drink Station on the North side of the park.


  • What’s the deal with parking?
    • Parking is free and will be North of the venue.  The parking lot alongside Chester will be for staff only and will require a specific pass.
  • Where is the venue? 
    • Stramler Park
    • Address: 4003 Chester Ave. Bakersfield, CA 93301

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