Dad-I-Cations: Read ’em here!
Keith Koski Happy Fathers Day. Thanks dad
Samantha Ortiz Dad I hope you have a great Father’s Day we love you thank you for working so hard in the sun in the rain to get us what we need, thanks for having our backs when we need you, you’re the best dad anyone could ask for and we love you!!z
Tony Gutierrez Dad-i-cation
Bob Williams Reasons By Earth, Wind, and Fire. These are the reasons that we love our DAD! He has fun with life and loves to exercise.
Alice Hernandez Hes the best dad . .and now hes going to be a grandpa
Cindy Salcido Happy Father’s Day to the greatest dad in the world, Randy Salcido aka Bear to his family and friends. What can i say about my dad. He’s smart, funny, handsome and a hard working man. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his kids and grandkids. And also Happy Father’s Day to all the men in my family.
Randy Trevino Happy Fathers Day Pops!! Thank you for all that you do for our family! We love yiu Pops love Randy, Lisa, and Anna!! P.S I know Joey is watch down on you giving yiu big hugs for our
Mario Bravo Mario Bravo Jr.
Cloud Juarez I Love My Dad Tony Juarez hes always put us kids first no matter what never gave up on us never judge us and always have the most fun without even having money even tho he had money lol he always always showed us whats right and wrong he remains strong when he may be feel down
Donna Gonzales To the dad that still works out with his sons. One buff daddy
ROBERT AGUILAR Happy Fathers day to my dad Alejandro Aguilar. Love you pops.
Carolyn Todd Happy Fathers Day