Congratulate Our Kern County Seniors

Your Senior Year should be one of the best years of your life but unfortunately for the Class of 2020 they’ve had their senior year cut short.

Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control they have to forgo what graduating classes before them have enjoyed for numerous years.

They’ve worked hard, striven to achieve, accomplished this huge milestone in their lives, yet won’t receive the normal accolades given to previous classes.

Now…no sports, no dances, no graduation ceremony…not even the simple things like class discussions, rushing to not be late to class, or even lunch with friends.

Things that would otherwise provide lifetime memories.

Join us in recognizing their great achievements with words of encouragement so that they know we support them and their efforts, triumphs and successes!

We’re asking all community leaders, school representatives, government officials to leave a congratulatory message to our seniors that we can share on the air.

Please call 661-493-2501 to leave a message congratulating our Kern County Seniors – Class of 2020.

Thank You!