Best Childhood Foods You Get To Enjoy Again Thanks To Being A Dad

There is one aspect of fatherhood that goes under the radar, (…) and unless you’re a dad there’s a good chance you’re not hip to it. It’s not how fantastic it is the first time your kid grabs your finger or how marvelous it is when they finally sleep through the night. I think we already all know that those moments are super and life-changing.

No, one of the best parts about being a dad is enjoying the food you forgot about a long time ago that you now get to eat again because your kid is eating it. Once they start eating solid foods, dads become sneaky, opportunistic vultures hovering over their kid’s food, waiting to get their hands on some of it.

And it’s for good reason. Some of that stuff is delicious. Here you are, not having thought about some of these foods in years because you’re a grown up and you eat sushi and turkey burgers and salad now.

However, once you become a dad you quickly realize what you’ve been missing.



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