Another Miss Universe competition and another brutal night for Steve Harvey

The comedian, who incorrectly named Miss Colombia the pageant winner a few years ago, had a comic exchange with the current Miss Colombia Gabriela Tafur that angered some viewers.

Harvey also ruffled feathers when he announced the best costume winner as Miss Philippines Gazini Ganados while Miss Malaysia Shweta Sekhon was onstage with him.

“Steve, can I just say something. It’s not Philippines. It’s Malaysia,” Sekhon said.

Harvey railed against the teleprompter, saying, “This is what they did to me back in 2015, playing me short like that.”

“As part of the broadcast, we also featured Miss Universe Malaysia Shweta Sekhon’s national costume,” a pageant “insider” told Deadline. “Miss Sekhon wasn’t aware we’d be announcing Philippines first, so she jumped the gun when Mr. Harvey started with that news. Mr. Harvey made a joke of it, but no mistakes regarding the national costume winner were made by him, the prompter or production.”

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