Adlai’s “Wait, What?!” – Vanessa Bryant Gives Speech At Kobe Bryant Induction
  • Vanessa Bryant gave an emotional speech in honor of Kobe Bryant getting inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
  • Other celebs in attendance, included Michael Jordan, Ciara, and Russell Wilson.
  • During her speech, she thanked Kobe, people who supported Kobe throughout his career, and she thanked his parents for raising him. 
  • Vanessa also said, “There will never be anyone like Kobe. Kobe was one of a kind. He was special; he was humble off the court but bigger than life. To all of our close friends and family that have been present for my girls and I, thank you.”
  • She added, “Thank you for being the Mickey to my Minnie, the Noah to my Allie. Thank you for loving me enough to last lifetimes, and every lifetime I choose you.”
  • What is the most touching part of Vanessa’s speech?
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