Adlai’s “Wait, What?!” – T-Pain Heartbroken When Nicki Minaj wouldn’t do a feature.

T-Pain says he was “heartbroken” when Nicki Minaj turned down his request for a feature. It was early in Nicki’s career, but when Pain asked for a “quick little verse,” Minaj responded with, “I’m working on my s— too!” (T-Pain ran the mid 2000s, I’m sprung anybody???)

T-Pain spoke with Desus and Mero about the incident and says he didn’t see Nicki’s response as “malicious” but says he was heartbroken probably because, “Maybe I was in love with Nicki Minaj,” he said.  (He was in love with a stripper back in ‘05)

After the interview aired Nicki responded saying she doesn’t remember the interaction at all, “but it DEF sounds like somethin’ I would say.” Nicki continued saying she “was buggin’” and was “under pressure to deliver.”

“My bad babe, all love. I have nthn [sic] but respect for your talent,” Nicki continued. 

She went on to thank Pain and Kanye for clearing a sample for “Go Hard” and says, Yo“listening to you over & over on that record taught me SM about harmonies & background vocals. Your vocals on that song alone are GOATED FOR LIFE. I listened to every single detail.”


Have you ever brushed off someone only to wish you would’ve given them attention? Do you think a collaboration between T-Pain and Nicki would’ve been hot or not?