Adlai’s “Wait, What?!” – Lil Wayne Pays Homage To DMX
    • Lil Wayne performed at Miami’s Trillerfest over the weekend and he shared a story about DMX while on their Cash Money/Ruff Ryders Tour (2000).   Stopped in Sac (Arco Arena), Irvine Meadows, San Diego (Sports Arena), Phoenix (Desert Sky)  Other artists: Juvenile, BG, Hot Boys, Eve, The Lox!
    • Now when Lil Wayne shared the story about DMX and touring with him – 
    • He spoke about going on tour with the popular label at the time and how he was in awe of DMX, “being from New Orleans, it’s so far away from New York and Cali and sh_t like that we didn’t know if it was real when we seen it on TV, the New York guys, the LA people. So when we saw DMX, we all fell in love.”
    • Wayne spoke about the tons of dogs DMX brought on tour as well as how he felt about the Ruff Ryder frontman, “it’s impossible not to be obsessed, infatuated, motherf—ing impressed”  *Remember Lil Wayne was 17-18 years old….that was probably crazy for him!
  • Ruff Ryders Anthem – 98 – Juvenile Back that Thing Up – 99
  • If two record labels did a tour together, which two record labels would you like to see on stage?
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